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We give you a 360-degree view of your workflow 24/7/365. Your processes and our production should never be a mystery. That is why we created DiamondViewSM, our patient statement platform. DiamondViewSM is our patient statement platform that allows users to create, generate, launch, and manage the printing of their patient communications documents. It supports both industry standard and client-specific patient communication requirements.

Mail Tracking

Know where your mail is in the mail stream and track delivery around the country.

E-Statement Integration

DiamondViewSM is able to completely integrate with customer e-statement platforms.

Detail Drilldown

Review your submitted files and drill down to see the details behind the counts for every file that you submit into DiamondViewSM, including scheduled delivery and outstanding A/R balance. You can also personalize messages based on financial class and dunning code.

Targeted Messaging

Variable communications can include both text and graphics.

Search Functionality

You can quickly and accurately view the details of the data you submit to DiamondViewSM by client, file, or even individual record.